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According to statistics, almost 50 percent of those who learn to drive do not pass the final test. These statistics prove that driving schools cannot find you a qualified instructor. With WillDrive, you can choose your own instructor and study with them on a special program.

How does it work? All you have to do is head to our Instagram page to scan through our instructors, learning about their experience and professionalism along the way. You can then choose the instructor and course that suits you, leading to more worthwhile lessons that improve your driving skills from lesson to lesson!

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Driving is a wonderful and absolutely necessary skill in today’s world. But sometimes lessons aren’t easy, or you can’t contact the right instructor for you. On top of that, you might have strained relations with your instructor and possible conflicts that affect the quality of your training. If you’ve experienced this problem, you’ll benefit from our services!
Our instructors are real experts in their field. An individual approach and original teaching methods are guaranteed to hone your driving skills.
You will be able to personally verify that each of our instructors has a certificate and choose a teacher that suits your needs to start your training.
Call us today and you’ll soon be driving!


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Are you afraid of failing the driving test? Do you not understand your instructor? Can't master the theoretical and practical parts?
We have a solution!
We’ve brought together the best driving instructors in one place. Qualified specialists will help you master the basic theory and teach you how to correctly approach the practical stage.
An individual approach to each student and a unique technique will help you quickly learn the basic rules of driving. With us, you will find a suitable instructor, and the final test will be a breeze!


Standard Driving Course

General practice with an experienced instructor to learn everything you need to pass your test at the first attempt and get your driving licence.

from £20/hour


Student Discounts

Special prices for students. See all available discounts from different instructors and choose the best deal for you.

from £18/hour


Refresher Course

If you haven’t driven in a while, you might lose some of your skills and confidence. We have an offer for you! With our Refresher Course, you can remember those rules of the road. You be able to safely and comfortably drive in no time.

from £20


Pass Plus

Already know how to drive? If you want to learn something extra, we offer you the perfect course. Interesting lessons and intermediate tasks, pass it with us!

from £180


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WillDrive never publishes any information that we are not sure of. If you see an instructor on our website or Instagram, it means that we checked their licence and reviews, talked in person and are ready to recommend them.

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Whilst our programmers are finishing the website, we are publishing instructors on our Instagram. Follow us for more instructors and useful information.


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Save your time and money. Choose a specific instructor instead of choosing a driving school.

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Now you can contact any instructor you like directly, no intermediaries that get a percentage.

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You can read real reviews about each driver. Thus only good instructors will get clients.


“My first driving instructor seemed to be not interested in teaching me anything at all. I failed the test of course, no surprise. I started looking for reviews in search of someone who wouldn’t be a pig in a poke. That’s how I found WillDrive. After browsing all the options available I found my perfect instructor and finally passed the exam. I wish I had found this service earlier.”

David Martin

“My instructor got nervous each time I was doing something wrong. I didn’t want to go to the lesson because that was the most stressful hour during the day. I finally stopped the course and though I’d better use buses instead. A couple of years after I had to get my licence, but I just didn’t want that experience to repeat. I was looking for someone patient and nice and I found my instructor on WillDrive. I’m just grateful for this service.”

Mark Butcher

“Finally a place to choose a driver, not a school! I didn’t like the instructor that my school gave to me. And I had to go through sooo many troubles to change him, it’s unbelievable. I just wish I could choose someone by myself, and got to know my instructor before paying.

Brad Walton

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

WillDrive is a catalogue of driving instructors. For now, you can find all our approved instructors on Instagram while we finish a full web version. Check out our account to find an instructor you like and contact them directly. No fees, no commission, absolutely free. Or leave a request, and we’ll find you a proper instructor and send you all the information directly to your email. Fast, easy, convenient.

What drivers do you publish?

On WillDrive, you can find only approved driving instructors. We’ve checked their licence and reviews, and we are sure of the quality of the service they provide.

How can I write a review?
  • Write your review in Instagram under the photo of your instructor. If they are not listed yet, then send the name of the instructor to our email, and we’ll publish it asap.
I am an instructor. How can I join?

Please contact us by email at Our team will call you as soon as possible to explain the requirements. It costs nothing to submit.

How much time is necessary to learn the basic skills to pass the driving test?

It depends on you. Everyone has such an individual tempo to learn and to practice. We have different courses that will help you to learn to drive at a tempo that suits you.

Can I change the time of my lessons?

Yes, you can discuss this with your personal instructor.

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